Atmosphere on the Moon

The girl that lives in the condo across from us has been listening to the same song for the past four hours. Her window is directly up and opposite of mine, a diagonal thread of music connects our rooms. I cannot identify the song; the lyrics are indistinct, muffled by the ambient noise of the world: songbirds, passing cars, that fluid rush that isn’t the wind but sounds like everything else it has picked up. She will, on occasion, rewind and replay a portion of the track. She will, on occasion, sing along. I want to ask her to turn up the volume a little, maybe sing a little louder; the song is a sad one, it is slow and lonesome and the woman’s voice is accompanied by a melancholic piano. But we’ve never actually spoken to each other. Maybe never even really seen each other’s face. Right now though, we could have been the best of friends. Two companions sharing a red-painted curb, leaning in and passing a cigarette, not quite talking and not quite willing to break the thread that has superseded all else. Don’t go. But the song doesn’t repeat again, I hear instead a door open and close. Then she’s gone.

* * *

Working from home can be heartbreaking.

Weekend in Brief 33

05/01 Airport Lounge for some soulful grooves w/ House Mouse. One drink too many and the day is done.

05/02 Whiskey, scotch, and video games.

05/03 Poolside and pooldepth. Crazy Burro and the Cinco festivities. Lorem ipsum dolor.

05/04 Slaves to the royal High-ness.

* * *

I plugged myself in, there was no signal, no brand of precision.

Gone to Waist

I went jogging for the first time in year(s). About a quarter of a mile in, my lungs collapsed. My back began to ache. If you are perhaps contemplating this noblest of exercises, do not start the routine with a cigarette. Do not stay up late and set your alarm clock for the earliest of morns. Do not stuff your mouth with nicotine gum and chew languidly as noxious blood heaves and bubbles into your brain. You might throw up. Or you might not.

And just so you know, in each passing car, they are laughing at you. Hope is a distended thing, raw tar in a verdant bush. But I feel great.

Weekend in Brief 28 – 30

03/14 Union Cattle Co in Hermosa Beach. Happy Birthday, Martin.

03/22 Riley’s Birthday party. Happy Birthday, Riley (03/2x), Jennifer (03/22), Dad (03/18). Then on to David / Janet’s. Close as kin.

03/28 Movie night (Walk Hard) and hangover Fridays.

03/29 Belated celebration @ Red C / Tavern w/ SDFunBoat Crew.

04/01 Dinner and beers @ Gastropub and Big Sonic Chill @ Air Conditioned.

Empirical Rule

In time, soon or not so soon. We drove over a malleable distance that yield and grew when laid across the anvils of each passenger’s mind, and every city that we passed, the hammer struck and formed the minutes, the hours, the streets parading with cars. Light, lamp. As that of Rome burning by sunset, not with fire but with envious green and reds. How simple it is to love the world now, when set apart and only the narrow scope of vision defining what is forward, where we came, our present sense of being. I must have spelled myself wrong all those times and so could not find truth in dictionaries. Where, why. So it is that my name never held meaning, it never indicated what was inherent, it was a sieve that deceived. There, in the confines of a metal box, I slipped into the dusky song and then became aware.

We want so much. Each one of us and our heads pounding with a thundering song of blood and headaches, pulse of the vibrating car that held our wrists in check to the agony of the road. Ahead, the city screamed into existence. Ahead, we were becoming gregarious drunks, not yet but just up ahead where the flames had once raced upon marble and turned it black, where soot had exhausted forests into frozen fixtures, imposing steel and ruined concrete. It is here that I want to tell someone that I am forgetting how to speak, that beneath my face and arms lay prairies of green skin. And here that I want to apologize for strangeness, but without my voice I could not begin. Beside a ditch, I become alien, even to myself, though the mothership had gone on without me. Holding my drink, I slipped off the dusty brink and then became unaware.

[Original Post Date: 03/14/2008]

Don’t Say Anything

Chest hurts, the way some clouds hurt to move.

Mother thinks I’m smoking crack, I deny. But there’s more to lose than weight or sleep: it’s the wild mushrooms that bloom and spread, mycelia threads on fallen timber and rotted bog, spotted heart and spitted lung.

Something less sinister. The culmination of days in the air.

Weekend in Brief 27

If it is not written, it is forgotten. The few I remember:

JAN 31 Brick by Brick for Joey Youngman w/ K Dub and Lisa.

FEB 08 (??) Party @ Onyx Room for local house DJs. DJ Sneak @ Belo.

FEB 16 Alex’s BDay Party. Cab tailgates and limousines, awesome strikes Confidential Room.

FEB 22 House grooves @ Excelsior w/ the usual suspects.

FEB 23 Jack’s w/ Irving, Jason, Christine, Jen.


Put together a new system with geeky naming schema:

Labyrinth (main system)
– PC name, housing all below, running XP Pro

Daedalus (virtual server #1)
– Work related, development server running W2K3 Standard

Icarus (virtual server #2)
– Testing, learning playground, flight of fancy running Ubuntu Linux

Ariadne (system drive)
– OS and applications

Minotaur (upload drive)
– staging directory, unsorted files

Theseus (storage drive)
– permanent location, stable and archived files

Poseidon (printer)
– network shared


Antec P180 Case w/ 2 120mm fans on
KDS K-2237mdwb 22″ 1680×1050 LCD Monitor
Intel Core 2 Quad (Q6600 w/ G0 stepping) 2.4 GHz – OCed to 3.0 GHz
ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme mounted w/ D12SL-12 Fan + Arctic Silver v5
EVGA Nvidia 8800GT @ stock clock – fan boosted to 40% w/ RivaTuner
ABit Pro IP35 Motherboard
Creative Audigy2 Value Soundcard
2GB Patriot Ram @ 4-4-4-12 timings
Western Digital 500GB 16Mb cache SATA
Hitachi 1TB 16Mb cache SATA
Seagate 400GB 8Mb cache IDE
Klipsch 2.1 Desktop Speakers
Logitech EasyCall Keyboard / Laser Mouse combo

Fast, stable, and completely silent!