Weekend in Brief 22 – 26

Recent weekend debaucheries. Why bother writing it. Why bother reading it.

* * *

AUG 24 Starlite in S.D.

AUG 25 Wake and bake. Del Mar Race Tracks and a Ziggy Marley concert w/ David, Wendy.

AUG 26 Superbad! Dinner w/ Grandma, James, and other strange events.

* * *

AUG 28 Andy Caldwell @ Focus w/ K Dub, Lisa, Oscar, and James.

AUG 29 Lounge out afternoon w/ visiting revelers and Sumo. Welcome Brandon, Aaron, Carolyn. Late night dancing to Gene Farris @ Side Bar / San Diego.

AUG 31 Main course: Boat party w/ the party crew! Bike taxi home.

SEP 01 Bar Dynamite.

SEP 03 Goodbye roommate, Aaron. Dinner and drinks.

* * *

SEP 07 Busby’s w/ Su, Martin, Dave, Willis. Late-nite dining @ Johnnie’s Pastramis.

SEP 08 KBBQ adventure @ Manna w/ Karen, Dave, Willis. Then, V Lounge. Happy BDay, Kat.

SEP 08 Wrapping up @ Cheesecake Factory in Santa Monica.

* * *

SEP 14 Morena Club. Boomer, the bartender, hooked it up.

SEP 15 Wake and jog, swimming. Cookout. DJ Heather @ Balbao Park, then Belo.

* * *

SEP 21 Endless soju @ Min Sok Chon, misadventures and misnomers.

SEP 22 Jack’s in downtown La Jolla, afterparty @ Irving’s.

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