Weekend in Brief 20

Jul 15 – 20 Business trip to Redmond, Washington.

Jul 21 Club/Bar Arsenal in L.A. w/ Willis, Kat, Martin, Su.

Jul 22 Work, meetings, and a rambling lunch w/ Sika, Uyen.

* * *

Street curved into wilderness, aching towards an underworld of lichen overtaking rocks and ancient bark, to a riverbed lost in moss. My eyes followed past the parade of boulders, upwards on into sky. Sunlight, spun through crystal, through green feathered limbs. The scattered clouds, the ragged rain. Something fierce in these woods, not tigers nor men — a stalking sentience borne from the sound of a falling tree that never made a sound.

All Roads Lead To Home

We’re back.

@ 7,577 miles, our trip concludes in lay-low downtown San Diego. My car sits beside a rusted parking meter; a block down, the Amtrak train swings by in a hail of claxon horns. So this really is the end of the line.

It’s quite difficult to say just how significant this whole thing was; there were minor snags and maybe aspects that we’d go about differently next time — we left California with a cooler in the back and bags in the trunk, and returned a disheveled mess, carrying this very peculiar sense of hope. A traveler’s high.

3 and a 1/2 weeks on the road. We’ve found out that the two-lane highways have their own brand of siren song. Something about freedom. And learning to trust yourself.

* * *

Jul 02 Welcome home party.

Jul 03 Focus @ Tapas with Willis, Kat.

Jul 04 Independence Day celebrations, BBQ (haha), fireworks.