Boston, New York City

Still alive.

Made it to the big time, coast to coast with 4000+ miles on the trip odometer and the adventure continues! After a brief sojourn in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side (and an unexpected night of buzzed miniature golf), we slipped down to Boston for a couple days, taking up residence at Chandler Inn in South End district. We left the car in a garage and took to the streets, from our homebase up the freedom trail to Bunker Hill, all over Newburry Street and Chinatown, through Boston Commons, and into Cambridge, passing MIT and winding up in Harvard. Shout out to Ted (friend of cousin from OC), the first familiar face I’ve seen on the trip. Thanks for dining with us! Our last day in Boston, we returned to my car to find the battery dead. AAA came by with roadside assistance, their conclusion: somebody (me?) left the light on for 3 days. Since my battery had collapsed earlier in Boulder, Colorado, we decided not to take anymore chances. Forty minutes out of town, I pulled off and replaced the sucker.

So right now we’re in New York City, a drive billed as 3 1/2 hours from Boston but wound up to be 8 due to traffic. Don’t need a car here, having one around is more hassle than its worth. This has got to be the funnest and most action-packed city we’ve been in so far. Met up with some college buddies for lunch, Cindy and Coleman, and explored the subway systems, the water taxi. Hooray to the first decent Chinese food in weeks. The Statue of Liberty is much smaller than I had imagined it to be. Later tonight, we will look into meeting up with aforementioned buddies and also with some other folks for nightlife fun. Partying is serious business here. One of the clubs that’s been on my list is actually opening their doors at 4 AM and pounding it out until noon. Hence, we are back at our hotel, Sofitel, and supposedly busting some ZZZs. David’s snoring away already.


* * *

Long night. Buddies couldn’t make it. Toast to new friends, Lynn and Lisa, for long conversations, bar hopping, and street wandering until dawn. Club was bunk but everything else was perfect. Just made it back to the hotel, 6:30 AM, sleepy time.

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