Route 66

DAY ONE :: 06/09

Left San Diego around 9 AM for a last minute detour to Orange County (see previous entry on ridiculously expensive guides). Our first stop was Williams (originally intended to be Flagstaff), Arizona, conveniently situated along our main road of choice, Route 66, where we have set camp for the night and taken in the local scenery. Great steaks and a staged gunfight. We’ve seen plenty of dirt and ‘interesting rock formations’ (our tag line for the trip so far) and tomorrow, we will head north for an hour to the Grand Canyon.

DAY TWO :: 06/10

In Alburquerque, after 1000 miles logged. We hit the road early, enjoyed a breakfast of cinnamon cereal, partook in the natural wonder that the Colorado River has wrought. Along the way to our current resting hole, we also stopped at a real-life Meteor Crater. It’s big. Right now, we’re pretty beat. Morale is high. Not much partying yet which can wait until we get to the East Coast. A change of plans is sending us to Boulder, Colorado, tomorrow and the day after, Rapid Falls (to Mount Rushmore), South Dakota.

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