marble eyes weeping heavenwards
from this fountain of youth
where copper prayers flicker off, on, in
innocent shallows,
and night after night, when all the world’s
in sweet respite, Hope stumbles to
vacant gardens and barren fields
and resurrects the damned.

it was an easy star that fell
in the lavender fountain of youth…
enough lavender and youth to always take the breath away

even with that mute understatement
of what went rightly in your head,
even without my wishful conniving
that drove laughter in
a loved but sacrificial car
nearly two decades down the line
riding River Styx in the busted car,
this relic went,
(once headed East of West)
to mountains lined with alabaster miniatures;
weary ends of these deserted barrens and derelict harems of a soul
unvoiced problems I had with “everyone’s vices”
man who both drank and was drunk.

we drank to a verdant life
and knew the crimson stars while
we still held verdant on our tongues.

in august a vernal wind well-disguised as autumn
stole you and your mind away to foreign lands I never knew existed
filling me with such a sorrowful shade of primrose–
I dreamt of them in fearscape, why should you go there

and did you see me in your wasted dreams?

you asked as leaves of everything previous fell between us,
but I complained about pettiness and
how the tree of life entertwined with
the tree of knowledge
and how both drained the eldest fountain of youth.

and did you see me in your wasted dreams

you asked me as time planted a mountain
between us not grain by grain
with stolen sands, building on and
something spilled the hourglass, I saw nothing
but there’s always been a playground with everything we said
a memorial void still holding something in form
and silence.

fade out…

shots in the dark
all those years when you looked back
and I to some kind of forward
you were the only one I could see

[Original Post Date: 11/11/2003]

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