Weekend in Brief 6 & 7

Apr 01-02 Worked. A lot. Slept. Not a lot. Ate. Not at all. Spent 10 hours on Sat and 14 hours on Sun working a data/server migration for a major supermarket chain in Southern California. Not your average superhero. Dastardly fiends, those glitches in the Matrix.

Apr 07-09 Ventured forth into the unknown with David and Willy to the never-heard-of Morena Club. Small town dive with the coolest kids; come in late, magic starts at midnight when the kings of beat and break bust on scene like ninjas. One day over, began the voyage to Bar Dynamite but wound up at Red C for old time’s sake. I still have that receipt hanging from my wall, my last night living in S.D., one and half years past.

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